Tool trolleys/ accessories

Maybe the worlds best tool carts

If you need storage for your tool, or you need a complete tool trolley packed with delicious tools, then you have ended up in the right place.

Portable tool carriers for storing tools are an absolute must for the workshop, for the garage or for installation in your tool and service car. We produce top-class tool carts of all sizes, with and without content. If you are missing a small wagon with 4 drawers, or the big one with 20 drawers, then we definitely have a wagon that matches your needs.

Our tool carts are made of solid materials, which, just like the contents of the toolboxes, reflect the high quality. The content lies in CNC-cut EVA material, which, in addition to looking super nice, is also incredibly durable, is resistant to chemicals, oil, etc. - And then it also has the advantage that it does not rattle around.

At BATO you can also design your own tool trolley in peace and quiet. We have developed a tool cart designer that allows you to put together your very own tool cart. Once you have designed it, we will send you a sharp offer price for your particular tool cart - and we can mostly deliver it from day to day.


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