Jacks / lifting tools

Jacks and lifting tools are indispensable tools in your workshop

BATO produces both strong jacks and other lifting tools in absolute lightweight design. When you choose lifting tools from BATO, you avoid manual lifting, you spare your back and minimize the risk of back injuries.
The jacks are available as 12.5 kg. and 1.25 tons lifting capacity or 25 kg. and 2.5 tons lifting capacity. both are definitely lightweights in the market. Where ordinary jacks (which we also carry) weigh up to 50 kg, the BATO alu lightweight jacks are super easy to work with and make it a breeze to clump up your car.
Our support buck set can be used for a sea of purposes - everything from the workshop and garage, as an accessory to the service caravan, or even to the caravan.
In our program you will also find gearbox lifters, motor cranes and lying boards. All in the highest quality!

Great Britain